Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH

Compound casting is one way of ensuring that the functionality of a cast component meets specific requirements. An example of a semi-finished product (right) incorporated by casting into aluminium (left) is pictured below.


Although this technology is in use since years, for example to insert bearing bushes, issues frequently arise in practice when the part geometry is changed or new material combinations are needed. In many cases, bonding between the cast material and the inserted metal is inadequate. Possible reasons for this include oxides on the surface of the insert or the formation of brittle intermetallic phases at the boundary.

At NMF, we have been able to optimise the metal-metal-interface for many different material combinations. A number of measures can be effective in this instance, such as an appropriate pretreatment of the surface of the inserted metal or the optimisation of the temperature during mould filling and solidification.


Team leader:
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lohmüller

Scientific leadership:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Marion Merklein