Polymer/metal hybrid technology

Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH



The development of multi-functional polymer/metal hybrid supporting structures opens up a world of new design and construction possibilities for lightweight construction. Large-area metal profiles can be adhered to complex polymer structures with a single shot in the injection mould using this technology. Unlike insert and outsert moulding, polymer/metal hybrid technology allows the two materials to be combined while retaining their differing functional attributes.

While metals and polymers traditionally often find themselves competing when it comes to the choice of material for use in constructing components, polymer/metal hybrid technology combines the advantages of both materials with the associated processes. Sheet metal structures that can be produced efficiently are stabilised in their capacity as supporting structures by moulding polymer sections onto them and having additional functional elements added. With the synergy afforded by this hybridisation, hybrid structures offer greater potential for lightweight construction than one material would be able to on its own. Polymer/metal hybrid components yield significant cost and weight advantages over purely metal structures of equal strength. These benefits are multiplied with increased integration of additional functions into the hybrid component.



Team leader:
Dr.-Ing. Leo Hoffmann

Scientific leadership:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Drummer

Contact: kunststoffe@nmfgmbh.de