Process combinations

Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH

Injection moulding, foam injection moulding and forming fabric-reinforced thermoplastics are processing methods of great importance in the production of sheet-like or two-dimensional moulded parts. Each of these methods offers a high level of design freedom and benefits from an economical manufacturing process.

Combining these processes in one and the same mould brings together the specific benefits of each in one component. Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH's technology centre is equipped with a injection compression moulding press, which allows the potential of these combined methods to be investigated for different applications. A mould for implementing promising process combinations also permits trial runs to be conducted for product-specific processes ahead of production.




  • Trialling different constructions: Taking into account the requirements of your application, we identify potential alternative constructions, produce test samples and use these to investigate what improvements these might afford, for example in terms of lightweight construction.
  • Assessing the combined process approach: Taking into account your product-specific requirements, we develop a process suitable for series production and ascertain its economic viability and process capability.
  • Producing product-specific moulded parts and pilot production: With mould inserts for your product-specific moulded part geometry, we bring the production process close to the series-production stage and produce pilot products that we can test to ensure that they are fit for purpose.


Team leader:
Dr.-Ing. Leo Hoffmann

Scientific leadership:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Drummer