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Information sheet

Magnesium injection moulding

Information sheet

Developing alloys using magnesium injection moulding

Publication 2015

Developments in magnesium injection moulding

Conference paper 2009

Manufacturing particle-reinforced composites by magnesium injection moulding

Conference paper 2009

Comparison of conventional magnesium alloys with Mg-Al-Ca-Zn
and Mg-Al-Sr-Zn alloys processed by injection molding

Conference paper 2009

Characterization of magnesium alloys for semi solid processing

Conference paper 2007

Advances in Magnesium Thixomolding

Conference paper 2006


Conference paper 2006

Advances in Magnesium Injection Molding (Thixomolding®)

Conference paper 2006

Reinforced Light Metals for Automotive Applications

Conference paper 2005

New developments in Thixomolding magnesium alloys

Conference paper 2003

Injection Molding of Magnesium Alloys